2013-02-18 Elite Business Centre Grand Opening celebration with traditional Lion Dance

Elite Business Centre (Elite) held a traditional Chinese Lion Dance Ceremony at the centre in Millennium City 3, Kwun Tong for the opening and prosperity of the company. The Directors and senior management of ETS Group, the parent company of Elite were all at the ceremony to celebrate.

In the morning of 18th February, ETS Group management top members all gathered at Elite business centre to enjoy the lion dance performed by the professional masters. The ceremony started with the opening speech of Mr. Telly Wong, the Chairman of ETS Group (HKSE:8031). Mr. Wong wished all staff good health collaboratively and continuously grow the business of Elite in the coming years. Then, Mr. Wong and the Honorary Chairman, Mr. Ling participated the eye-dotting ceremony and the lion dance started after our CEO and General Manager, Ms. Carol Chang and Mr. Raymond Leung tied a red ribbon symbolizing good fortune and joy on the horns of the lions . The “lions” cheerfully and energetically danced and roamed through the business centre, “plucking the greens” and bringing good luck and fortune to everyone.

After enjoying the spectacular lion dance performance, all colleagues then shared and enjoyed the delicious roasted pig at the centre.