Why Elite

What is YOUR business?
...are you in Table Wine business?
…are you a Fashion Designer? An Interior Designer? Or a seasoned China – US Trader?

No matter what your business is, Elite Business Centre gives you prestigious office and work space with premium professional services that cater to your every need. You will appreciate our stylish yet classy design that embraces you a elite presence your clients will notice.

For example, both wine entrepreneur and fashion designer may require an impressive venue for tastings, showings and other industry events. We will assist them from marketing the activity to exercising the event with a fully furnished facility ensuring a successful outcome you will like to see. Being a member of Elite Business Centre, you are guaranteed by a first class service team of excellence.

Elite Business Centre provides convenience located just a short 2-minute walk from the MTR Station. From flexible business service packages to premium beverage service kitchened by Pacific Coffee, Elite provides you the thoughtful and bespoke service powered by the advanced technologies your firm requires.
- Advanced infrastructure
- Self-developed networking system supported by CISCO network equipments
- Private network for each individual client
- Wireless internet connection
- Secured keyless access system
- Highly secure surveillance system
- 24/7 IT support and call handling service